Burning Calories

America’s (and indeed much of the worlds) obesity problem is very much ‘in your face’. It is not just in the people you see or the depressing facts about the significant health impact on individuals and society as a whole but in the ever present noise of supposed solutions. Calorific information, driven by the big brother mandated belief that knowledge is power, is all around us, but it only makes the makes the inevitable failure to overcome temptation more depressing. Instead modern life, human nature and corporate malfeasance ensure that the calories and the subsequent pounds pile up. This project was inspired by one “real” way to make the calories burn.

I teamed up with Florist, Amirah Kassem to pull this off, we actually recreated all the iconic fast food dishes (surprisingly a similar caloric content) as detailed cakes.

by Henry Hargreaves and Amirah Kassem