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Fallout of
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With the once unthinkable Nuclear threat re-entering the global discussion and the big little boys continue to throw their toys out of the pram, the threat to our global food system from nuclear war is real. The image of the mushroom cloud evokes the end of the world but fungi themselves have much to teach us about resiliency and adaptation in disturbed environments.

Fortunes of a nation

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Our leaders Wisdom packed into a little orange shell.

to eat

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To a 1950s postwar audience, Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels were an escape.  For the war-weary man, Bond’s adventures represented the ultimate fantasy down to the finest detail — including food, a facet largely absent from the nearly two dozen 007 films.

With Dying to Eat, food stylist Charlotte Omnès and photographer Henry Hargreaves return these lavish meals to the limelight, providing an enlightening glimpse not only into Bond’s character, but Fleming as well (who it was thought was his fantasy of himself). And, by presenting an authentic picture of what was considered exotic or gourmet at the time, the images reveal much about the cultural climate of the day, as they do about the food.

For the series, Omnès and Hargreaves — whose grandfather, coincidentally, served with Fleming during the war and consulted on some of the tailoring details of the Bond books — opted to recreate one meal from each title. Shots were styled and lit to match descriptions of a wide variety of settings, from a Swiss hotel room to a Miami beach club.

Rather than present the meals uneaten, the pair chose to highlight a moment in each, scattering clues — cuff links here, a woman’s purse there — as to what may have happened before, during, and after. Accordingly, each meal is more than just a detail contained within a sentence. It’s a story unto itself.


In my photography I have always been fascinated by the mix of the mundane and the extraordinary. So I while was reading about efforts to stop the Last Meal tradition in Texas it sparked my interest. In the most unnatural moment there is (state sponsored death) what kind of requests for food had been made?

In New Zealand (where I’m from), and in fact nearly any where else in the developed world, the Death Penalty is just not even in the conversation. It is a remnant of an earlier era. This little bit of civility, "hey we are going to kill you but what would you like to eat?" just jumped off the page.

I felt it could be a really interesting idea to try to represent visually. Researching this topic strangely personalized these people for me and for a moment was able to identify with them through the common denominator of food.

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