Making Moves


A collaboration with Charlotte Omnes

“A Swag Meal is the most legendary meal for gaming.”
                   - urban dictionary

Or to put it another way, a Swag Meal is what gamers eat while playing video games. Gamers like to show off their epic swag meal preparations on social, to get feedback and see how tasty they did.

This got us thinking, what if swag meals were always a thing? What if there were Swag Meals during the release of every new game console? What were the favorite munchies of that particular gaming era?

We went back, back, back, back and had one crazy, nostalgic exploration into the coveted childhood foods of the time.


A collaboration with Jen Monroe “Bad Taste”
Monotone food fly-throughs

Expensive Liquids

71% of the earth is covered in liquid, here are some of the most expensive ones...
Price per liter.
Source Science ABC

Max’s Kansas City Cocktails

A collaboration with Charlotte Omnes
In New York in the mid 70's there was no place cooler than Max's Kansas City. A bar and music venue that was the epicenter of the glam and punk scenes. I stumbled across their original cocktail list recently (it was being sold at auction....). All the cocktails were named after bands that played there, and the drink descriptions were outrageous! I wanted to bring this back to life how I imagined it may have happened.

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